What is plasma?

    In a plasma charged particles with high energy are formed like ions, electrons, UV-light and free atoms. 
    Any material has one of the following state of matter:
    • solid
    • liquid
    • gas
    • PLASMA
    A plasma ignites when we supply sufficient energy to the gasmolecules.

    Advantages of plasma

    • plasma can be used for conductive materials, insulating materials and semiconductors
    • it is an environment friendly technology, without added chemicals or waste products
    • a plasmatreatment is not expensive
    • with some modifications we can etch materials or produce polymers with plasma
    • with plasma you can create added value to your products

    Type of plasma treatment

    There are 4 types of plasma treatment:

    1. plasma cleaning
    2. plasma activation
    3. plasma etching
    4. plasma coating

    A plasma treatment can replace labour intensive mechanical treatments and/or additional surface treatments. 

    The video on the right gives you an overview of the different types of plasma treatment.

    Plasma systems

    A plasma treatment can be applied in:

    1. low pressure plasma system

    2. atmospheric plasma system