Specialist in plasmasystems

    Sinvacon in Gavere is specialized in plasmatreatments and plasmasystems for a broad range of applications en industries. Here you will find efficient an effective solutions for preparing your materials with plasma. Read and discover how plasma will offer you a solution

    Do you reckognize the following problems concerning adhesion?

    Are you facing problems in production with:
    • insufficient adhesion
    • difficult to glue
    • issues with coating adhesion
    • problems with printing
    In that case you should consider a  plasmatreatment of the surface! Plasma treating the surface of any kind of material will result in a optimal adhesion. Plasma will clean the surface to a microscopic level and removes any impurities. As a result, a reactive surface that allows better adhesion

    How can we improve the surface?

    SINVACON offers a variety of solutions for plasma treatment

    These are the services that Sinvacon can offer you:


    After plasma treatment organic impurities are removed from the surface. This translates in a highly reactive surface, which leads to a better adhesion to the surface.
    You are not sure if plasma is the right solution for your issues?
    We are happy to give you a demonstration on your product.


    You can rent a plasma system for a certain period of time. This allows you to fully explore the plasma technology and the potential benefits for your applications.


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    Please contact us if you are intrested in outsourcing the plasmatreatment by our services.